8th – 11th Feb 2018.


Patrons without a Thursday ticket will arrive on Friday 9th Feb and leave before 12pm on Sunday 11th Feb.


Thursday night is an additional pre-party experience that we’re offering this year. You can only purchase a Thursday night Early Bird ticket if you have already purchased a festival ticket. There are only a limited amount of Thursday tickets available.


Party in the Paddock is located 20 minutes outside Launceston CBD & from the Launceston airport , Tasmania.  Watery Plains Rd, White Hills.

Getting there:


We offer a bus service leaving from the Launceston CBD area to the festival. The bus times and leaving locations can be found by following the link below. 




If you are coming from the airport there are no direct buses from the airport to the festival site. Your options include: catching a taxi, renting a car or catching the airport shuttle to the CBD where we offer a bus service to the festival.



If you intend on driving a vehicle (including motorcycles, vans and campervans) to the festival, each car must have a car pass. You must purchase these in addition to your ticket.


If you are bringing a campervan into the event, a reminder that our event has a total fire ban meaning that gas bottles are strictly prohibited.


Car Pass:

Yes, you will be required to purchase a CAR-PASS. If you intend to bring your car, motorbike, campervan or any other sort of motor vehicle into the camping area. Each person is only permitted to purchase ONE car pass and it will be associated with the name on their ticket.

Car passes are not included in the festival ticket and must be purchased additionally.


Please note: PITP encourages car-pooling as not only a cost efficient environmental initiative but also because the driving to a festival with mates enhances the experience. We will be running a Car Pooling event on Facebook in January for you to seek/offer a ride.



PITP is a camping festival. Camping is including in your ticket, and once you arrive at the festival you must stay onsite for the full 2-3 days (depending on which ticket you purchase). We do not issue passouts.


Please note that camping is filled upon arrival. If you want to camp with friends, you’ll have to travel in the same car or convoy.


As the festival is held in country Tasmania, the temperature and weather conditions can vary. In the past temperatures have fluctuated from as high as 32 degrees during the day to 12 degrees in the evening. Be smart and wear sunscreen, and remember to pack the appropriate attire – beanies, scarves and layers are key! Don’t forget to bring a decent pair of boots.


We feel very fortunate to be able to put on such a special few days of madness and magic in the lush rolling hills of country Tasmania. But with such luck comes an incredible responsibility to keep our Paddock clean and well looked after. PITP is working towards our goal of a plastic free festival and will be employing a number of environmental initiatives in order to keep waste minimal. We ask that you are considerate of the space and use the bins provided, take your belongings with you and do your part to keep our Paddock clean.

What Do I Need To Bring:

PITP requires ID upon entry. You will need either a current Australian driver’s license, current Passport or a Government Issued Proof of Age Card.

Your ticket must have the valid FULL name and DOB of the ticket holder.

Food and Drink:

As always, there will be a delicious range of food vendors at the event who will be catering to all sorts of dietary requirements. There will be plenty of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.


All ticketing information can be found on our ticketing sales page by following the link below:

If you have an issue with your ticket please contact the lovely folk at Oztix.

Contact us 🙂


Underages must be accompanied by a sibling over 18 or a responsible adult over 21. One person is only able to be guardian for two under 18’s, with exception of parents bringing their own children. The underage consent form is available for download via the link below.



I bought a ticket and can no longer attend:

This year things are a little different, you can no longer just sell your ticket online or to a mate. If you have purchased a ticket and can no longer attend the event you must resell your ticket to Oztix and they will sell it on for you with a resale fee of $10. This is the only way you can get your money back for your ticket if you are unable to come; we are no longer offering name changes.

The reason we have changed things this year is due to the large amount of tickets last year that were unfairly scalped and sold on a higher prices. This preventative measure ensures those who need to sell a ticket can definitely get a refund and that other patrons can buy a ticket at cost price.

I am a vendor and want to come to PITP:

Food vendor applications have closed for this year. If you are interested in having a market stall at PITP 2018 please fill out the application on our contact page.

I am an artist wanting to play at PITP:

Artist applications have closed for this year.

I want to volunteer:

Volunteer expression of interests are open and applications are coming soon, and confirmations will be made later in the year. You can apply to be a volunteer through the drop-down tab on our Info page.

Applications close Jan 8th 2018.

Disability Access:

PITP takes place on natural terrain which can be uneven in places. We have put provisions in place to best accommodate those who require disability access. Please email with any special requirements you may have and for further information.

Cameras & Photography:

You’re welcome to bring your camera to the festival, providing it’s below DSLR quality – anything that has a detachable lens is not permitted. Professional cameras and professional filming devices will not be allowed into the venue without a media pass.

Lost Property:

If you lose something special (or find something that could be special to someone else) during the festival, head to the Info Booth on-site to drop off/pick up any lost items. After the festival we ask that you email with a detailed description of your lost item and your full contact details – your name, phone, address.

Festival Rules:

    • If you are under 18 years of age, you can only enter on an UNDER 18 ticket, you must attend PITP 2018 Festival with a parent, legal guardian or have the signed underage consent form (found online) approved at the gate.
    • You must be 18+ years of age to partake in the handling and consumption of alcohol.
    • No glass, alcohol or flammables are to enter the festival gates. There is a complete fire ban at the Party in the Paddock venue.
    • Illegal substances and weapons are strictly PROHIBITED, if you are found with these items you may be ejected from the festival.
    • No beanbags
    • Party in the Paddock rests in a beautiful location, please keep it that way. PITP is working toward becoming a more environmentally and socially responsible event and we need your help; so clean up after yourself, take out what you brought in i.e YOUR TENT,  treat others like you would like to be treated, have a bloody good time but not at the expense of someone else’s good time.
    • No dickhead behaviour will be tolerated i.e antisocial intoxicated behaviour, physical or verbal abuse, sexual abuse. If you are found behaving in a socially unacceptable way PITP reserves the right to eject you from the festival. Paying for a ticket does not afford you the right to do whatever you please.
    • Party in the Paddock 2018 is a NON-BYO alcohol event.
    • Trespassers on neighbouring properties will be evicted and passed onto the police.
    • Festival wristbands must be worn at all times around the wrist of the ticket holder when at the Party in the Paddock venue.
    • No Animals are permitted on site.
    • Passouts will not be issued unless otherwise organised with festival organisers.
    • Vandalism is a criminal offence and will be treated this way.
    • Don’t be a Dickhead.
    • Have a sick time and make friends.

    The person named on this ticket must be present with photo ID for YOU to gain entry. In purchasing this ticket you are in agreement to the ‘Festival Rules’ and Terms and Conditions listed above and found on the Party in the Paddock website. In the case you are found breaking these rules PITP reserve the right to evict you from the festival without ticket refund.


Resale Operation


A Note from the Organisers


We’ve had a few of you get in touch regarding how the resale system works and why we’ve changed the operational system for ticket resales this year.


This year we have decided to run our resale operation through Oztix as opposed to previous years where we allowed name changes and patrons to resell their individual tickets onwards. After the immense amount of ticket scalping that occurred last year at ludicrous prices, we felt it was a necessity to find a way that tickets could be resold so that it wasn’t detrimental to our patrons. Tickets were being re-sold for up to $500 per ticket, and in order to ensure that our festival patrons have secure rights to fair ticket prices and were not being cheated out of tickets, we put a plan in place with Oztix that has worked for other large scale events around the country.


Please read the below carefully to resolve any confusion or questions you may have surrounding the 2018 resale facility. As we move forward into next year, we will of course take on board customers feedback in consideration to how we operate the resale facility forward into the future.





How does resale operate this year?


The new resale operational system runs under the following conditions:

  • This year, every ticket must have the correct name and DOB of the ticket holder in order to gain entry to the festival.
  • We no longer offer name changes; so if you wish to sell your ticket, you must register your name and ticket number on the resale facility sign up.
  • The resale facility is online and open for sign up – once you register your ticket, it will enter the queue to be sold.
  • In order to resell your ticket, you need to log onto your Oztix account, click on your tickets and on the right hand side there will be the resale button.
  • There is a $10 resale fee.
  • Once the festival sells out, the resale facility will open for those looking to buy tickets. If you wish to purchase a ticket after the event sells out, this is the only way to do so.
  • You will not receive your money until someone buys your ticket.
  • The ticket resale will operate in a first in best dressed fashion: the sooner you sign up, the more likely your ticket will be purchased.


Why can’t people sell their own tickets at cost price or a discounted rate to reduce financial loss?


In previous years we allowed patrons to resell their tickets independently and also worked in tandem with Oztix to provide name changes. Unfortunately, this was abused by people who decided to resell tickets unfairly at high prices / sell fake tickets / took payment and then disappeared. We were left with significant numbers of potential patrons who were unable to enter the festival, had been stripped of hundreds of dollars and who were unable to purchase tickets in the end – and we had no way of being able to help or respond despite sharing their disappointment. We made a choice to ensure this doesn’t happen again, which is why we are trialling the current resale system. To put simply, the amount of people who unfairly cheated others out of tickets last year have ruined the possibility of resale working in any other way from now on.


Okay, preventing scalping is fair enough. But why is there a $10 resale fee?


Oztix charge the $10 resale fee to manage the running of a resale facility and operational system through Oztix. Whilst we know this is a hefty cost to some, in comparison to losing upwards of hundreds of dollars through ticket scalping, it is the safer alternative.

Once you buy a PITP ticket, it is the same as purchasing any other kind of item. You agree to the terms and conditions upon purchase. It is your (the ticket holders) responsibility when you make a purchase to ensure you are happy with it. Just as it is your responsibility to ensure you are satisfied with the returns policy that comes with the purchase. Our intention is not to sound harsh, however our terms and conditions regarding resale are clear: we have a system in place and that is how it is operating this year.


Why do I have to wait to get my money back?


Tickets on the PITP Oztix will sell before resale tickets sell. Ticket sales are moving quickly, and are expected to sell out in the coming weeks. If you need to resell your ticket, the best thing you can do to ensure your ticket is sold is to register your ticket on the resale facility. The sooner you do this, the quicker your ticket will be bought.


Can you guarantee I will get a refund for my ticket?


No, we cannot give a guarantee that all customers will receive a refund. Based on previous years, we are expecting there to be a high turnover of tickets put up for resale and tickets sold. From our experience, we are assuming that the majority of tickets put up for resale will be sold. Once the festival sells out, those who want to sell tickets and those who want to purchase tickets will be directed to the resale facility. Given that this is the only place where ticket transactions can be made, it is essentially the same as selling your ticket independently, the only difference is it’s a secure system where we can guarantee no funny business.


How do I put my ticket up for resale?


Here is the link for the ticket resale:


If you follow this link, it will take you to your Oztix account. Log on, click on your PITP tickets and there will be a resale button on the right hand side.


Please contact Oztix on their Customer Service Line 1300 762 545 if you are having an issue.